About Us

About Us

MARCOGULF is an Independent Investment Management business. It’s founder, Monzer Al Rifai has over 30-years in the business. It is authorized and regulated in the United Arab Emirates. Its main lines of business include Account Discretionary Management of Clients Portfolios, Wealth Management Consulting, Advising and Managing Re-structuring Mandates and Advisory Investment Management.

MARCOGULF is an External Asset Manager, and has the capacity to negotiate with banks for improved execution that covers portfolios under management and has the ability to assist in wholesale pricing. MARCOGULF also has IT capabilities, research and access to trading rooms.

MARCOGULF is known for communicating with its clients. We provide updates continuously and are always available to handle inquiries. We issue semi-annual reports, detailing our clients performance, asset allocation and investment strategy.

MARCOGULF researches constantly, receiving independent, highly solved non-bank research analysis that is pertinent in reaching the investment strategy. At MARCOGULF, we have our own Investment Management Process and if we are handling multiple portfolio’s with in your Organization, we consolidate. Asset Allocation includes security positions, percentage weightings and comparing it to applicable risk and consolidated Currency Allocation. This process is automated through a risk and reporting management system.

MARCOGULF also specializes in Wealth Management Consulting, covering a wide range of wealth. Starting with cash generation and capital absorption, we focus on the impact of the liquid pool, real estate and other liquid investments. Generational planning is also a specialization. We are here to increase the overall efficiency of the wealth distribution, the plan for the future and to identify any potential risks, gaps and pitfalls.

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